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We speak for the voiceless

Human Rights



Outreach and Advocacy,

we are advocates for children and youth, ensuring their voices are heard and their best interests are prioritized.

we fill critical gaps in services and deliver scalable solutions to the challenges children and youth face. 

Our approach is two-fold i.e.

(i) We reach out to school youth, street kids and sex workers to advance their knowledge in social pressing issues i.e. HIV/AIDS, environment, poverty reduction strategies, job creation and employment skills, conflict management, and transformation

(ii) We engage and train local leaders in human rights, mediation, conflict transformation, and peacebuilding, to strengthen their ability to protect and promote Human rights of mainly the disadvantaged young people.

we sensitize the local population on human rights and empower them to

  • identify and report abuse against children and youth.

  • protect and promote the rights of the disadvantaged children and youth in their areas of jurisdiction.

  • we monitor children's rights violations and refer them to the institution and organizations that can work on their situation.

  • we fight poverty among young couples to prevent domestic violence associated with poverty.

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