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In Uganda Covid-19 has ravaged the already vulnerable populations; many young girls below 15 years have become pregnant not by choice but circumstance and can't make it or for their children to a bright future, the number of youth without employment has tripled, many families are increasingly becoming food insecure with approximately 5 in 10 not sure whether they will have food on the table this Christmas. After 2 years of closure, schools will fully open in January 2022 - it is estimated that 4 in 10 primary school children will not go back to school due to poverty and disorientation, and all are at the crossroad.

This Giving Tuesday Help YOUTH WITH A VISION to help the young people trapped by poverty in Uganda to see light through the tunnel.


a day for people of the world to come together to give, share and show kindness to those who are struggling.


Please consider a donation to Youth With A Vision this Giving Tuesday and through the Season of Giving, and you can help improve lives of those who are struggling. 

When you give to Youth With A Vision this Giving Tuesday.

- You help to feed thousands of starving children. 

- You help less privileged children to access education.

- You help unemployed youth to start their own enterprise.

But most importantly you give hope to the despaired children and youth in the Greater Masaka region of Uganda.

We hope you will consider making a donation to help fund out vital work with the disadvantaged young people.

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