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Health and Nutrition


Health Care Program.

In Uganda one of the most expensive service to get his medication. Since most of the less privileged Children under our support are living in poverty, they are vulnerable to disease and sickness. Less privileged children are always exposed to a pandemic, and health screenings, dental care and routine childhood vaccination are always impossible.

Youth With A Vision introduced a Health Care program to protect children against diseases and pandemics by creating awareness and sensitization.

Through our Health care program, we ask you for medical assistance that will allow a child in poverty access to medical care. Your donation towards this program can literally save a child’s life.

Your support will help us to provide

  • Critical Medication.

Surgeries, transplants, casts, wheelchairs and canes, cancer treatment, hearing and eye care, and dental needs.

  • Emotional medication.

Counselling for children who’ve been exposed to psychological torture, and domestic violence and who are addicted to drugs is disturbed.


  • Training medical workers

With this support, we hope to support less privileged children who are passionate about becoming medical personnel to fill the vacuum of limited health workers in our community.

According to the World Health Organization Survey report, the doctor to a Patient ratio in Uganda is estimated to be 1:25,725 and the nurse-to-patient ratio is estimated to be 1:110,000 this is among the reasons why the health services are expensive. If we can health to reduce this gap, we are contributing to the improvement of health services in Uganda.


Saved Jeremiah’s Life

On 17th July 2019, through this program, we saved Kavuma Jeremiah's operation and since then Jeremiah is doing well. Kavuma was born with a body defect called the imperforate anus. He was born without an anus and she couldn’t pass stool in a normal.

You supported Jeremiah’s operation and now he has an anus like a normal person.

Thank you


Protected Less privileged Families during the covid-19 Pandemic.

During the pandemic, you provided sanitiser, food and other essentials to the less privileged families who were at risk of getting exposed to the pandemic in search of food and needs over 1000 families received food and essentials in the pandemic and this saved them from getting into contact with the COvid-19 Virus.

Saved Rahim’s Life

On 11th Feb 2022, You supported Kabuye Rahim’s Operation, Rahim was suffering from a hernia and had a complication called Bilateral Hydrocele.

Rahim’s Operation was completed successfully and he is now doing well with his education.


Saved Nakayondo Shadia’s Life.

On 14th February one of the children on our support, Nayondo Shadia was diagnosed with acute appendicitis. With Your support, Shadia was operated and she was saved from the pain.


“ I was feeling a lot of pain in the stomach, I couldn’t stand or walk without someone supporting me. I was picked up from school and taken to the hospital I was then operated and I thank God that the operation was successful. I am now feeling much better and I hope soon I will go back to school and continue with my studies. Thank you for all the support and for saving my life.”

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