Dine So they can day is Youth With A Vision’s annual fundraising events where our supporters in different places host events aimed at raising funds in support of Youth With A Vision Programs. Perhaps you are unable to host an event and you wish to support us.

We have arranged this online auction starting from Friday 01st October 2021 where you will be able to select and make a bid from a variety of packages and products here.

All our auction items are beautifully and skill-fully hand-made and machine-made by children and youth on our program. The good news is that every bidder stands a chance to win.

This is one of the better ways you can help us to raise funds to support our various projects aimed at supporting less privileged children and youth across the Greater Masaka region in Uganda.

Your participation can help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to reach their potential - be able to change things by themselves in the future.

We cant wait to see you participating and wining.

Thank you for your support to YOUTH WITH A VISION


The package includes:

1 -hat for kids, 1 - hat for adults made with Uganda Flag colours, 1- scarf for adult and 1 scarf for kids made in different colours.

All products are skill-fully and beautifully handcrafted by skilled young people on Youth With A Vision project. 

PACKAGE A 21.jpg



The basket collection has you covered with your cooking storage, wall and living room table beauty display. Young girls and women on the program, use dried banana leaves stalk, gift wrappers and ribbons to hand wove beautiful baskets. Package Includes 3 Baskets, of different sizes. -  Basket – 10.4 inches diameter - 1 Basket – 9.5 inches diameter and 1 Basket - 8.5 inches diameter

PACKAGE C 21.jpg


The package includes:

2 Branded YWAV T-shirts, 2 hand made adult scarves in different colours, 1 kid's scarf and 1 kid's T-shirts

All scarves are hand-crafted by skilled young people on Youth With A Vision project.

PACKAGE E 21.jpg


The package includes:

1 Branded YWAV T-shirt, 1 hand made adult scarf in different colours, and 1 hat made in Uganda flag colours.

PACKAGE G 21.jpg


This package include.

one YWAV branded T-shirts made in different colours and size.

PACKAGE I 21.jpg



This package includes.

1 hand made hat made in Uganda flag colour.

PACKAGE K 21.jpg


This package includes

1-scarf 1-YWAV branded cape.

1- polo T-shirt and 1 round neck cotton white or coloured T-Shirts for you or yours to wear at your convenience.

Products in this package are made by children and youth on our program.

T-shirts are available for both kids and adults  from small to extra-large in White, Black, Army green, Red and Ash Grey,Royal blue and sky blue.

PACKAGE B 21.jpg




The package includes:

2 -scarves  and 2-hats made in Uganda Flag colours. Scarves are made in different colours.

 Both scarves and  hats are hand-crafted by skilled young people on Youth With A Vision project.

PACKAGE D 21.jpg



This package includes

One branded or Unbranded YWAV cross bag, 1 YWAV branded cap,1 scarf and hat made out of uganda flag colours.