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Thank you for showing interest in child sponsorship with Youth With A Vision! Sponsorship costs just:

£24   ($30) (€28)
a month per child in Primary School.

£100 ($120) (€115) 
a month per student in Tertiary and University

£35   ($45) (€38)
a month per child in Secondary School.

£702 ($853) (€790)
a semester per student in Tertiary and University.

Here are some of the children who need a sponsor to access school and other essentials.
Are you able to sponsor any of them today?


Meet Noeline

Birthday:24 -Dec-2008

 Sex: Female


Nalubowa Noeline is a very kind girl. She has three siblings, one girl and two boys. Her mother is the only source for the family and her occupation makes Noeline miss her basic need since it can not sustain the family. Noeline needs support to access education and other basic needs like any other child.


Meet Mahad

Birthday:17th-10- 2010

Sex: Male

Mahad is a bright, active and creative boy who likes playing with friends. he stays with his mother and his three siblings. His mother works as a food vendor. Mahad's mother's income is very little to sustain her family. This makes Mahad miss school due to the failure of his mother to raise school fees and school



Meet Timothy

Birthday:23-Jan- 2014

Sex: Male

Timothy is a happy and playful boy. He is a happy, and friendly boy who likes to associate with friends. Timothy has one brother and two sisters. His father abandoned the family.

His mother is the only support for the family, she earning a tiny amount of money, not enough to meet the needs of her children. 

Sponsor Timothy Now


Meet Florence

Birthday 14th-08-2006 

Sex: Female

Florence is a cool silent girl who likes playing netball. Florence stays with her single mum in their rented small house with her siblings. Her mother has no job and she has no qualifications needed to access a job.

This makes it hard for Florence’s mother to support all her children. Florence likes studying

but always faces difficulty accessing scholastic materials and school fees.

This limits her performance at school. With a gift of £24 a month you can help Florence to further her education, access basic needs, and empower her to start breaking the cycle of poverty, change the bad things around her and to realise her dream in life. 


Meet Arnold

Birthday 11-March-2011

Sex: Male

Ssekyewa Arnold Lubowa is a silent small boy who likes playing with friends. He goes to school at Living hope Lusango.

Arnold was born with a heart health complication.


This doesn’t stop him from being happy and living with his friends. Arnold dreams of becoming a doctor but is constantly disturbed by the failure of his parents to raise school fees in time.


This interrupts his concentration at school and in class.

Arnold needs a sponsor to support him in his education.

At £24 per month, you can support Arnold to realise her dream in life.

Become Anorld’s sponsor now


Meet Nakato

Birthday 30-Aug-2013

Sex: Female

Nakato loves education, she is in year three of her education but struggling to stay at school and currently she is not attending, and all her siblings dropped out of school due to lack money for their tuition, stationery and lunch meals.

Nakato’s dream is to become a nurse in the future and be able to treat sick people in her community and also earn income to become sustainable. But she can’t realize this dream without you. Your support will help her to achieve her dream.

Start a unique and fulfilling friendship today; sponsor Nakato.

Through your sponsorship, Nakato receive the support she needs to be her own agent of positive change. 

together with generous partners, sponsors and friends, we deliver better living to disadvantaged children and youth.

And through our various programs, we have touched the lives of 1,080 children, adults and youth directly, and 3,500 children, youth and adults indirectly in the greater Masaka region of Uganda.

together with generous partners, sponsors and friends, we deliver better living to disadvantaged children and youth.

And through our various programs, we have touched the lives of 1,080 children, adults and youth directly, and 3,500 children, youth and adults indirectly in the greater Masaka region of Uganda.


Meet Desmond

Birthday: 24-Aug-2011 Sex: Male

Kalyango Desmond is a clever boy who likes playing with friends.

He lives with her mother and brother.

His mother got an accident that made her disabled yet she was the only source of support.

While his friends are at school, Desmond remains home.

Desmond needs a sponsor to further his education and reach his potential.

WASSWA 02.jpg

Meet Wasswa

Birthday: 30-Aug-2013


Wasswa loves education, he is in year two of his education and his favourite subject is Mathematics, but he is struggling to stay at school and currently he is not attending due to lack money for their tuition, stationery and lunch meals. Wasswa’s dream is to become a nurse.  Your support will help him to achieve her dream.




Nalubega Shania is a happy girl who likes to play hide and seek with friends. Her mother died during delivery and the relatives had no clear information about her father. Shania now stays with her Aunt who also struggles to look for her children. Shania often misses out on school due to the failure of Aunt to pay her school fees in time. Shania needs your love to attend and start to break the cycle of poverty.


Nantongo Janet_edited.jpg

D.O.B: 1 July 2006  |  Sex: Female

Janat Nantongo  is an amazing, bright, happy and kind girl.

Janat is under the care of her elderly grandmother who is a peasant farmer.

​Janat always lacks school fees and basic needs while at school and also at home.

Janat wants to be a teacher to teach the children of the nation and also earn money to save her family from poverty.

Sponsor Janat now and help him to save her family from poverty.


D.O.B: 11 Nov. 2003 | Sex: Female

My name is Namugenyi Patricia. I lost both of my parents. My mom died when I was 8 years, and I remained with my amazing dad, but sadly, years later I lost him too, to a stroke. I was left under the care of my elderly grandmother where getting what to eat as well as getting school fees is always very hard for me since my grandmother has no job.
My prayer is to get someone who can support me in my education to help me fulfil my dream of becoming a lawyer and defending helpless people in the courts of law and helping my family out of poverty.



Birthday: 29 Jan 2005  Sex: Female

Swabulah Nakimbugwe is a silent and Kind girl. She has 6 siblings. Her mother is a food vendor, and her father is bedridden and jobless.

This makes Swabulah’s mother the only support for the entire family.

Swabulah completed and performed well in her Senior four Exams now she wants to Join a Teaching course.

According to her mother, Swabulah is the only hope left for the family since her elder siblings dropped out of school due to poverty. 

Sponsor Swabulah today and help her meet her future dream of becoming a Teacher


Birthday: 15 February 2000 | Sex: Female


Jacqueline Nakyejjwe is a jovial, inspirational, considerate, kind and hardworking girl. She enjoys singing, reading novels, sewing and knitting. Jacqueline has been under our care since 20th April 2004, and we are glad to see her reaching where she is now. With funds raised from the sale of her knitted merchandise, we have been able to provide for her Primary and Secondary education. She completed her Secondary / High school in 2020 at Trinity College Nabbingo, she performed well and was offered a place to study at Uganda Martyrs University in the faculty of Business Administration and Management for a 3 years course leading to the award of a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (B.BAM). Jacqueline has already made the foundation; she has already completed her first year and Second Years but has no income to complete her course. She now needs a kind friend who can sponsor her to complete University with a career that will enable her to begin breaking the cycle of poverty. She just needs your sponsorship today, and tomorrow she will not rely on sponsorship, instead, she will be relying more on her income, and focusing on sponsoring someone to overcome poverty.


Birthday: 19 December 2000  |  Sex: Female

Nassaazi Eva.jpg

Eva Oliver Nassaazi Mirembe was born on 19th December 2000 her father died from a stroke and her mother disappeared living her with an aged and helpless grandmother. Eva has been struggling to keep at school. She has often been sent back home for tuition which has always not been available and she ends up missing out on the curriculum.
On 15th December 2019, Eva was brought into our foster care while in need of funding to resume and complete her fourth year of High School at Blessed Sacrament Kimaanya Secondary School.
With our Support, Eva completed her Secondary level and now she needs support to join University and pursue a carrier in Social Work and Social Administration.
Eva is a very hardworking and devoted girl and if she misses school, it means she can’t pursue any career. By sponsoring Eve you can help her meet her dream and become a productive citizen to the community as well as the family.



Birthday: 26 May 2006  |  Sex: Female


Prossy Zalwango is a silent girl and  playful while with friends.

Prossy stays with her mother with her siblings. Her mother has been working on her own to support the family. 

Finding a sponsor will help to support Prossy through her education.

Through child sponsorship, you can be the STAR in the life of a child in need. You can make sure they grow up healthy, educated, and safe, and help a child to achieve a dream in life.

Someone is waiting for your support

Sponsoring a child is an effective way to contribute your help to individuals and communities in need, without ever leaving home.

Your gift will help provide your sponsored child and other children in desperate need with the necessities that can help them reach their God-given potential, including access to resources like clean water, better nutrition, basic healthcare, education, spiritual nurture, and economic opportunities for his or her.


A child's life in our poor region of Masaka is about struggle and even harder. Very many children grow up without access to basic needs in life, clothing, bedding, food, health care, and protection. They will never have an education, treatment, or love. But at best boards to sleep on, rugs to wear, dumped sacks for beddings, and a cup of porridge as a day's meal, garbage bins, trenches, and alleys for homes. Sponsoring a child is the only way you can give such a child hope and assurance for the future.

Child sponsorship connects people like you with children that are miles away and far from hope and gives you the opportunity to share some love in their lives. As a sponsor, you give a monthly or annual gift.

This gift not only enables a needy child to return or stay in school and acquire quality education to turn a corner in life but also helps to develop a child as a leader who will create positive changes needed to make our region later on the world a safe and desirable place for all living beings to inhabit.

How child sponsorship works


What does my money pay for?

When you sponsor a child your money sends them to school, helps feed them, buys books, uniforms, and other materials needed for schooling, and covers some medical needs. It funds; the child's participation in community development missions, seminars, and conferences that address issues that affect life, as well as ongoing mentoring and support. However, you may wish to give additional in-kind gifts to your sponsored child or administration.

How long will sponsorship last?

Under normal circumstances sponsorship ends or is renewed when a child finishes a specific education level. This means that the duration of your support can vary a great deal; however, you may opt to offer sponsorship any time you feel you want to.

What happens if I cannot continue as a sponsor?

If your circumstances change and you can no longer sponsor a child, we will understand. However, we will need to find another sponsor for the child as soon as we can. So we ask you to let us know if you decide to end your support.

How do I keep track of my sponsorship?

We will send you a photo of your child, information about the child's family and community, regular academic and welfare updates and personal letters from your sponsored child.

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