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HAND KNITTED Poncho - Made by Patricia Namugenyi


Patricia Namugenyi is one of the many less fortunate children without a sponsor yet, and under the care of Youth With A Vision. Patricia uses the vocational skills we provide to our children on our program to hand make Ponchos as a way to obtain money to pay for her High School Tuition.


Patricia goes to ST. Jude Secondary School.


Patricia needs £140 ($182) (UGX: 653,000). So when you buy a Poncho (s) made by Patricia, money from your purchase adds up and help to pay for her tuition for this term.


Thank you all for your support for the children at Youth With A Vision!



Hand Knitted with thick environmentally friendly Yarn/Thread. It has a slit in the middle for the head passage. It is available in black and red, and plain cream colours.


Shipment Arrival Time:

2 - 5 days for Local Orders

Approximately 2 - 3 weeks (depending on the destination) for International Orders. It is a relatively a free size wear, and can be worn by small, medium and large size build up. 


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55,00£ Prix original
50,00£Prix promotionnel
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