• The children and youth we work with come from a very needy community in Uganda. The community has additional challenges of unemployment, incapacitated teen mothers and elderly people, HIV/AIDS orphans, and vulnerable children.


  • These children have different needs ranging from food, school fees, and shelter to clothing, shoes, bedding, and skills.  

When we together touch a child here we will help to transform the entire community. There are several families that have seen one or two of their children come through YWAV and begin to change their lives. 

These are our wishes and needs please feel free to donate in-kind. We welcome and appreciate all your support. Please contact us for all your concerns over these wishes and needs. 



  • Books

  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Crayons

  • School bags

  • Reams of papers

  • Geometry sets

  • Rubbers 

  • Rulers

  • Files

  • School shoes


There are over 30 children in the project without a sponsor. These children are always disturbed in their learning process. They are always in and out of school due to lack of school fees. School administrators keep on sending them out of school and they end up psychologically tortured and missing on their lessons hence poor performance. These children need at least $900 for a whole year. 


  • clothes

  • blankets

  • bed sheets

  • mattress

  • shoes

  • shelter

  • sanitary wear

  • school fees

  • mosquito nets


To help disadvantaged children live a normal life


  • computers

  • sewing machines - threads, scissors, and cloth materials

  • music instruments - trumpet, drums, guitars, keyboard, and band instruments

  • sports and games requirements and materials - soccer balls, netballs, volleyballs and nets, jerseys, badminton

Computers to restock our skills development unit and help to provide basic computer application training to young people that have no opportunity to access a computer. We would like to provide tailoring skills to some jobless young people so that we can help enhance their employability.


  • printer £250

  • video recording camera for capturing videos and photos £700

  • laptop computer for fieldwork activities £478

To enable our work to run smoothly.

Hair clipper to help children stay clean with their hair trimmed it will reduce the expenses of hair cutting and protecting children from disease they get from public saloons .$52 

A motorcycle £1,100 (€1,320) ($1,400) UGX: (4,950,000) for basic transport needs

Van / Mini Bus ($10,000)
We don’t have proper means of transport to facilitate our outreach and other outdoor activities. The children and youth we work with are located in distant centers and they often need to come together or go out for bible, music, craft lessons, social and sports events, camps, conferences, etc. So we need a breakthrough in the provision of a minibus and driver to meet the need. 

Land ($25,000)
For the construction of our children/youth center which will provide a safe place for them to meet, learn vital skills, discover, and share about God to improve their condition of life. 

Prayer Request
Please pray:

  • That all of our children that are currently stuck - not attending school due to lack of funds get funding to attend school and brighten their future like other children.

  • That all our registered children get sponsors to access school ($20 per child per month)

  • For funding of regular food, medication, descent clothing, and bedding for all our foster children.

  • That we get funding to complete the construction of our MacGregor Foster house which collapsed last January so that children who are in need of urgent get shelter get it.

  • That we get funding for the vital December Annual Youth Conference.

  • For support, and protection over all areas of lives (spiritually, financially, and physically) of those supporting the work of YWAV.

  • For our leaders to be open-hearted and be touched and inspired by our project

  • That we secure funding to buy land and materials for the construction of our children/youth center.

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