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Children's Retreat.

During this month, over 50 children gathered at Youth With A Vision office at Kayirikiti for one day retreat. It was held on Friday 26th august 2022 at the office under the theme ‘Healthy, disciplined, educated and a goal-oriented child’ we provided carrier guidance, counselling and guidance, personal hygiene and sanitation, self-respect, ways of being successful in life, environment conservation and ways of behaving in the community.

The intern students Brenda, Racheal, and Pauline together with Ingabire Doreen one of the nurse students were the facilitators of the day.

Children were so excited to raise their ideas about addressing the challenges they face in their day-to-day life.

On that day we also launched the Youth With A Vision Students association and we elected its leadership. Kitenda Jeremiah merged as the president of the association.

We thank our dear sponsors for making it possible for us to organise this retreat.

We hope to organise the next retreat in December this year.

Some of the retreat moments in the pictures

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