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Can You sponsor Namugenyi Patricia.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Meet Namugenyi Patricia

Patricia who was born on 11-11-2003, is among the many less privileged children enrolled in our program who are in need of a sponsor.

She is a clever and hardworking girl who likes playing netball.

Read about her story with the hope that you will get inspired.

"My name is Namugenyi Patricia. I lost both of my parents. My mom died when I was 8 years, and I remained with my amazing dad, but sadly, years later I lost him too, to a stroke. I was left under the care of my elderly grandmother where getting what to eat as well as getting school fees is always very hard for me since my grandmother has no job.

When I look at myself as a total orphan, I feel despair. If you have ever lost a parent or both parents, I am sure you know what it means. I was abandoned and isolated and I had no one to turn to. I even dropped out of school for two years because there was no one to pay for the cost of my education.

I missed things like a sanitary towel and clothing. I was always weeping at school and friends around me could not understand me. Whenever things went wrong with me I could say - I wish my parents were alive.

I go to school at St. Jude secondary school but I am always sent back home for school fees.

My prayer is to get someone who can support me in my education to help me fulfil my dream of becoming a lawyer and defend the helpless people in the courts of law and help my family out of poverty.

Please put a smile on my face and give me hope for a brighter future- sponsor me now, by clicking on this link."

Would you like to read about our sponsorship program and other children in need of sponsorship? Click on this link

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