Can you help Prossy to get out of poverty?

Ever since 2020 started, on a daily basis Youth With A Vision receives 4-8 disadvantaged children and youth who are in need of our support to at least access education and start up loans to be self sustainable in life. This is a big number that is beyond our capacity without your help.

Among them, is Nankinga Prossy a single mother with four children Nampijja Jackline (14 years ), Benitah Nakawee (12 years ) , Abdul Kaluuma (7years) and Kimera Abdul (5). It's now 5 years since her husband left home to look for a job, they lost contact with him and now they don’t know what happened to him. Prossy has no job to sustain her children. She moves door to door looking for casual jobs to get money but the money she get is too little to cater for rent, food, medication and at the same time school fees for her children.

Her children walk 10km every day to access an affordable school.

Please join us to help this family out of poverty.

This is how your gift can help

$25 per month can sponsor Nampijja Jackline.

$25 per month can sponsor Nakaweesi Betinah.

$25 per month can sponsor Kaluuma Abdul.

$25 per month can sponsor KImera Abdul.

$365 one off ($45 for business internship, $20 business mentorship, $300 to startup loan) empowers Prossy to start her own enterprise.

Sponsor Someone Today.

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